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Briggs Middle School Fundraiser

Briggs Middle School Fundraiser
Lindsay Blankenship

Hey Briggs Families & Communities!

Briggs Middle School's Fall Fundraiser launches on Tuesday, November 7th and it will run through November 21st! This is the biggest fundraiser we run all year. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for essential programs not currently funded through traditional building budget means. For example, our end-of-the-year parties (8th grade coast trip and all-school Bob Keefer trip with inflatables) rely on these funds and we really want to be able to celebrate our students for all their accomplishments come June. In addition, we also rely on these funds to keep the Student Store open (where students use their Briggs Bucks rewards to purchase prizes and snacks).

The gist of how it works:

  • Students/Families register with a personal email (not a school one due to security restrictions) at this link. When it asks which teacher, just select "not listed".
  • Once a student registers, they are given a link that is personalized to them and only them.
  • They SHARE (and have family members share) their link.
  • People can online shop using this link OR simply donate to Briggs ASB. 
  • Students will see how much they have earned through sales or donations on their dashboard.
  • Staff can register and share their links on their personal social medias too if they think they have family/friends that may want to support Briggs.  

There are tons of amazing prizes to win (including a bowling field trip and wireless earbuds) and all it takes is for your and your student to REGISTER AND SHARE YOUR LINK.  It is an all-online fundraiser so it is easy for everyone to participate! 


As always, we THANK YOU so much for your support of our students!